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Martin Izquierdo

SETC 2014 Costume Design Respondent

A Mexican, Californian and New Yorker, Izquierdo holds an advertising degree from California College of Arts and Crafts.  His expansive career includes exhibiting in the San Francisco Museum of Art, Theater Museum of Art; designing displays for Macys; and leading the art department at Brooks Van Horne. Mentored by Pat Zipprot, Willa Kim, Ann Roth, Theoni Aldrige, he opened Izquierdo Studios in 1981 working in performance arts, fashion, interior design, photography and event design.  He designed the wings for Angels In America, for Victoria's Secret, Mark Jacobs Costumes, Heidi Klum Halloween costumes, Miss Universe National costumes, Ralph Lauren, and the Chicago Adler Planetarium costumes.