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Chrissy Cody

Rider University
Jamesville, New York
"We've got these days of summer to remind us of each other." I'm really hyper at times, but I can be focused and calm when I feel like it. Which isn't very often, but still. I love to talk to people. It makes me feel included in conversations and connected to those people. When I care about something like a cause or activity, I get really into it. I'm passionate about everything I like. I LOVE MUSICAL THEATER. It's the best thing in the world. The ability to be someone else for a period of time and do things you normally wouldn't do is the most amazing thing. I love being someone I'm not. The sound of applause makes me feel the most happy. And I feel singing helps express feeling better than talking. Ditto with dance. Also, I'm a RAVENCLAW on POTTERMORE!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!